Wireless Cycle Timer Data Logger

Model Types

AZCTL  Production Cycle Timer Light w/ Wireless Data Logging
ACTL-EN  Production Cycle Timer Light w/ Ethernet Data Logging 



  • Production Cycle Timer Data Logger
  • Wireless or Ethernet Data Collection
  • Realtime logging of all data on customer supplied PC
  • Access database supported with easy exporting to Excel and CSV
  • Data collection interval and duration can be adjusted easily
  • Receiver has 60 meter range with 700 meters possible with repeater
  • Each transmitter in the system also acts as a repeater
  • Green, Amber, and Red visual indicator for Process cycle time left (standard)
  • Internal timers to show notifications in the process
  • Audible, Flashing, Strobe or Voice options for end of cycle
  • Timers are adjustable inside (standard) or outside the control box
  • 110VAC input via 8ft, 3 prong power cord

Accessories & Options

  • Flashing (F) and Buzzer (B) or both (Z) at the end of cycle
  • Extended cable between switch and light box
  • Additional inputs for changing process 
  • Multiple switches for several cycle times without changing program
  • Optional Ethernet data logger to collect time stamp or event data - Free PC Software
  • Optional Wireless communication to bingo board or flatscreen 
  • 1/2", 2.3", or 4" LED Timer to show actual cycle times

Ordering Information

 Model Type ACTL, ACTLS 
Voltage  110VAC Standard (12, 24 VDC or 220 VAC available) 
Number of Lights  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
Colors  Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear 
F: Continuous and flashing light
B: Continuous light with audible alarm 
Z: Continuous and flashing light with audible alarm 

Order Example:

ACTLZ-110-3 (Continuous and Flashing LED, Audible Alarm, 110VAC, Red Amber Gren)

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